Godzilab Games turn Stardunk Free on 25th September

26 Sep


Godzilab Games will be switching Stardunk to FREE this saturday 25th of september. The main reason for this switch is to have more online players, all the fun in Stardunk is when you compete against hundreds of online players.





The game company hopes that Stardunk being free will bring a lot more players. Another reason for that switch is an answer to the high piracy rate on Stardunk. In this free version, you will be able to play up to 10 online contests, and if you want to continue playing online you will be able to purchase the premium upgrade which will remove this limitation.




Since its release, Stardunk went through a lot of updates adding really major features such as:
– The Gamecenter with 19 achievements and 2 leaderboards
– New stats allowing the player to see how well he performs.

A major content update 1.3 should be out shortly (probably this weekend) adding:
– 1 new moki theme with the graphics style of the game iBlast Moki
– 1 new glow theme
– 1 new glow ball with new capacities
– a new leaderboard for the best scores of the week.

Here is the link for Stardunk to download free this weekend


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