United Airlines releases Optathlon game on iTunes App Store

28 Sep


Matmi and United Airlines have joined efforts to release a new free game called the Optathlon Games. This game has two bundled games inside and they are sponsored by United Airlines. The game is available on iPhone and Android and getting 5/5 review ratings so far.

About Legroom Legend

United Airlines Optathlon Legroom Legend #1

You’re sitting comfortably on the airplane when the mischievous kid on the seat in front starts throwing stuff into your spacious foot well.  Eye masks, toy cars, books, mobile phones and who knows what else?  Your challenge is to kick and juggle Gregory’s “gifts” (shall we say?!) up your legs onto your tray table. The longer you can humour this delightful child and avoid cluttering up your extra legroom space, the more gigantic the score you can collect.

Collect five items and you can progress onto a harder level – but beware!  The better you get, the more determined Gregory becomes and he’ll find even more items to throw at you.  Catching every item racks up an enormous score which takes you to the top of the High Score Board to become a true Legroom Legend!

  • An unlimited number of increasingly challenging levels.
  • Start with well-timed kicks with one leg and progress to full-blown juggling with both legs, kicks and knee nudges.
  • An array of changing and surprising items
  • More and more addictive as you play.
  • Elegantly modern Tim Zeltner style graphics.
  • Global high score table.

About Linejump Hero

United Airlines Optathlon Linejump Hero #1

United Airlines Optathlon Linejump Hero #2

When you’re off on holiday, who doesn’t want to jump a line?  Flight check-in, airport security or boarding the plane – they’re all boring.  But with this neat free game from United Airlines, you don’t just walk to the front of the line: you fly!

It may sound simple and even though it’s free, it takes some skill.  Mounted astride your trusty wheeled suitcase, you need to carefully judge your take-off speed, get the launch ramp in just the right position and pick up bonuses while you’re airborne to get the longest jump – and the highest score.  Jump all three lines –– and become the Line Jump Hero with the highest score from all three levels combined.

  • Three levels – jumping the lines for flight check-in, airport security and boarding the plane.
  • Nifty bonuses to grab while you’re airborne:
    • Bird wing bonuses for extra time
    • Plane wing bonuses for extra distance (but they don’t last as long as the bird wings)
    • Rocket booster bonuses for extra height (but a quick fall)
  • Experiment to get just the right mix of bonuses for the longest jump to become the Line Jump Hero!

For people who are using US ITunes, please download this version.

For other countries, please download this version.

*Why are there different versions of the games in/outside the US?  United Airlines passengers in the US can play the apps to win free flight upgrades and a sweepstake worth $25,000!

· To get an instant win for extra legroom – play the “Legroom Legend” game

· To get an instant win for fast check-in – play the “Linejump Hero”

· To have fun, play both and try 3 more online games in the Optathlon suite here.

What others are saying about this free game:

· iPhone App of the Week from Flying Fish, the smart flyers blog

· “Haha! They are fun! I wish I could travel over my suitcase like this!”

· “This game is so much fun!  It is addicting.”

· “Great games. And free!  Who doesn’t love more legroom?”


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