PDF Expert for iPad: Read, Annotate PDFs Like a Pro

2 Oct

PDF Expert for iPad-2

Today, October 1st 2010,  Readdle releases PDF Expert for iPad, cutting edge application for working with PDF documents. PDF Expert combines professional PDF reader, extensive annotation capabilities and powerful file management in one iPad application. It lets people read and search PDF documents, highlight text, create notes, draw with a finger and save these changes being compatible with Preview and Adobe Acrobat Reader. PDF Expert for iPad is available on the Apple App Store at the introductory price $4.99.

PDF Expert for iPad-4

PDF Expert for iPad-11

PDF Expert for iPad-7

PDF Expert for iPad focuses on solving various tasks that many people face daily. Managers and executives can proofread and correct PDF documents on the iPad screen; students are able to make notes and drawings right on the textbook page while on lection; scientist can quickly review tech article and highlight important paragraphs.

To handle these tasks PDF Expert for iPad supports different types of PDF annotations. In addition to highlights and notes, user can strike-through, underline and copy text as well as draw right on the PDF page. The latter function is widely used to highlight text in scanned bitmap documents as well as for handwritten notes.

PDF Expert for iPad-10

PDF Expert for iPad-20

PDF Expert for iPad-12

Another benefit of PDF Expert for iPad is the ability to edit PDF annotations created in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader. The function works vice versa too, thus annotations made on iPad could be changed on the Mac or Windows computer.

"Wide popularity of the iPad among education and business customers unveils that people need Acrobat Reader equivalent on their devices. PDF Expert for iPad is the very close alternative to desktop PDF readers and with later releases we plan to extend application capabilities even further," explains Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO.

Online storages are perfect complement to the iPad, therefore PDF Expert for iPad can connect to Dropbox, GoogleDocs and MobileMe iDisk directly. User can download document, review, annotate it and put back online – all within several finger taps.

Pricing and Availability:

PDF Expert for iPad is available on the Apple App Store at the introductory price $4.99.

Check out PDF Expert for iPad on iTunes now.

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