Highly popular Roll Out game is coming to the iPad

7 Oct


You play as Wabba, a cute little creature and help it get through all of the 60 levels now on the iPad.

iPhone teaser video of the same game:



In RollOut, you are trying to make Wabba, a cute, black and white animal, reach a portal that transfers him to the next level. Wabba moves by rolling forward and instantaneously becoming a spiky ball sort of character. You must use the new and innovative control scheme to cleverly make him reach the portal which is always a few platforms above the ground.



Help Wabba reach the end of 60 devilish levels and be prepared to face some serious scrolling challenges. All of the levels have a target time for completion. If you finish within the target, you earn a medal.

Even more exciting, OpenFeint social gaming service let’s you share your scores and achievements with your friends!
Roll Out is a thrilling game, now uniquely designed for the iPad. It will challenge you and entertain you for hours. Get ready to enjoy the experience in HD.

Main Features of RollOut :
·       Top-notch artwork and animations
·       Unique platform game mechanic specifically designed for the iPad!
·       60 levels of crazy scrolling action!
·       Several gameplay elements to spice things up as you progress in the game!
·       Collect trophies and make your way to the highest spots on the leader boards!
·       Open Feint, Facebook and Twitter compatibility!

The game isn’t out yet for iPad. It is still in final testing phase and will be released soon. Watch out for it here.


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