Stone of Destiny HD update pushes price down by 75% off for 3 days

8 Oct


October 8, 2010

iPad Gets a Hidden Object Adventure Uniting You and Your Facebook Friends

Avallon Alliance has announced availability of new version of The Stone of Destiny HD. It’s the only hidden object game for iPad allowing you to share your adventure with your friends from Facebook. You can join forces to overcome the most challenging levels. The Stone of Destiny HD is 75% off for 3 days, now only for $0.99.

A Little History before Mystery


The Stone of Destiny is a crown jewel of Avallon Alliance hidden object games, which become a top selling product in many countries worldwide. Before arriving to iPad, it made a name for itself on PC and iPhone, where it was highly acclaimed by players and critics, receiving praise from many game websites.

What kind of components ensured the game’s success? Well, Avallon Alliance managed to smartly implement a hidden object gameplay into touch-screen mechanics and mix it with the spirit of good old adventure movies. Variability of tasks, compelling storytelling, well-paced change of difficulty and diligently created visuals presented a unique experience to the players.

Adding a Secret Ingredient


Recently The Stone of Destiny HD became available for iPad owners with even more vivid and refined visuals. All is well but Avallon Alliance is also constantly looking for new means to enrich the gaming experience. Thus, the latest release integrates a feature that redefines the way of handling the moments you find difficult to complete.

Now with a push of the help button your call out for help gets posted on your friend’s Facebook wall. If a person decides to assist you in unraveling the mystery, he can try to beat your current level via The Stone of Destiny Facebook application. If successful, it counts as your own victory, so that you can move on towards the next adventures.

That’s What Friends Are For


The Stone of Destiny HD will be a treat for any gamer wishing to plunge into the world of classic adventures that he can share with his friends along the way. Should you find yourself in need of assistance, your Facebook friends will help you to achieve your goal. That’s the new sense of adventure you’ll have when playing The Stone of Destiny HD.

From developers

While we were working on the game we received a quite odd message. We encourage all players to figure out what it means:



Uiykp jlbg sqk gphbgr voz xzu gmjnv jrat.




Rumors tell that whoever deciphers this strange note will be able to find a page full of something very cool.

Check out the game on iTunes for only 99 cents!

About the Developers:

Avallon Alliance is a developer and publisher of iPhone and iPad games, founded in 2008. Company is known for releases and promotions of successful projects (The Stone of Destiny, Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus, Doodle God, Mezopuzzle, Zarik, etc.) and effective collaboration with the best creators of casual games in the world (Voodoo Dimention, JoyBits, Vogat, URSE Games, etc.)

Online version of the game can be found :


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