games updated with HD graphics and GC, and ON SALE!

13 Oct

Moonlights and Blockoban just got updated, and are on sale for a few days.

Moonlights is $0.99 instead of 1.99. It gets HD graphics, GC integration, and a new world of 33 levels (Mars with meteorites and gravity fields).
Check out the game at the iTunes link

A Flash version of Moonlights just got released too. You can click this link to play the game online.

Blockoban is $0.99 instead of 2.99. It gets HD graphics on iPhone AND iPad (x2 mode) and comes with 2,225 hand made levels!!

image image
Check out the game on iTunes link

What’s next ? The developer is working right now on a game with code name “Miners4K“. It is a mixture between lemmings and doodle jump and you can expect the game to be available in a couple of weeks for preview/beta tests.


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