Citibank Mobile App Review

16 Oct

I was invited to one of the Citibank Mobile App Presentation in Singapore. The application itself allows Citibank customers to bank online in their Citibank accounts online.

You might be worried that online banking is not safe at all. However, the application works on a secure http channel which actually protects your transaction details. Besides that, the application will send a One-time PIN to your mobile phone during the login process.


The new updated version of this application have improved search capabilities in Gourmet Pleasures and Citi World Privileges.


The application allows you to search for gourmet pleasures near your GPS location or you can search by the nearby MRT trains stations and by category.



You may notice on the right hand side of the citi rebates’ list that the alphabets are very small for those who have fat fingers. This will deter them from clicking on the alphabets to search them. There is also an issue with locating the rebate offers via the 3G connection with the latest firmware 4.1.  I have feedback these two issues to the Citibank staff during the demonstration. I hope they can change this for those people who have a hard time tapping and locating them.


Another great thing about this application is that you can search for mobile treats vouchers and redeem them in the retail outlets on your iPhone. There are 100 pieces of these vouchers and when they are being used up, there will be no more redemptions until the vouchers are refilled in the backend.

You need an active 3G or wireless connection to browse these vouchers though. If you are in a remote place without 3G, it will be better to save them beforehand if you have the intention of redeeming them on that day. I will think saving the rebate vouchers as favorites in the application itself will prevent less searching by users and allow for offline access as well.


You can also browse shopping privileges for Citibank related discounts for the merchants. If you are worried of finding those sweet shopping spots in Singapore, there is also a feature to find them on your Goggle Map Application on your iPhone. You can share these special discounts treats with your friends via Facebook or Email.


You can bookmark the shopping privileges for easy referencing or use the map to pin-point the location.



You can also set a special music tune on your iPhone to play when using this Citibank application.


Preview of your account details is pretty standard here. You can make your online payments as well as do electronic transfers. You can also see the foreign exchange rates if you are sending money back home or in a foreign country.


My Ratings for this Application:

Functionality: 4 /5
Ease of Use: 4 /5
Value for Money: Free application (NA)
Type of users Catered for: Normal users
Overall: 4 /5

Check out this Citibank app on SG iTunes!

You can check out the Citibank Singapore Facebook group at here.

Currently, there is a photo submission contest by Citibank. You just need to take a photograph of an interesting place or situation where you can Fuse Citibank mobile application and submit your photo at the Facebook group. Attractive prizes include an air ticket to anywhere you choose and a SONY VAIO X-Series laptop to be won.




There are few variants of this application for Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand but features may differ based on the countries chosen.

Check out Citibank app for Malaysia.

Check out Citibank app for Thailand.

Check out Citibank app for Hong Kong.


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