Preview of Com2US’s Queen’s Crown RPG game

16 Oct


I was fortunate to do a preview of this RPG game done by Com2US. The game is RPG game set in ancient times where the princess escaped after the enemies attack the castle. You need to restore the crown doing various adventures. You have weapons like spear, bow, sword and mace. The spear thrusts outwards vertically and is good for vertical and horizontal attacks same with the bow. The sword gives a more swift and circular roundabout attack compared to the mace. My favorite weapon is the sword.


The game starts with 2 game save slots. The system will auto-save your game in the event you die or accidentally exit the game.


The loading screen fills you with game hints or tips where you can see while waiting for the game to load.


The game starts with town where you can speak with different NPC characters to get quests and level up. The shinning star on the right is the healing spell where you can make your health bar up to 100% but this spells takes up some of your Mana which is the blue bar at the bottom of the game screen. To navigate your character, you use the left wheel controls. To attack, you need to use the right wheel controls beneath the star.


To walk out to the town, follow the yellow arrows pointing to the left or right. One thing I am not happy about this game is the lack of location titles near the entrance out from town. The game should display the location like “Shadow Forest” above the yellow arrows before I go in. This will allow me to know where I am going to and saves some of my time knowing where “Shadow Forest” is without trying all the exits. Also, the quest button is missing from the game screen. You need to tap on the menu to find it. I will feel having the quest button appearing on the game screen is more useful and visible to the gamer.

You can use the mini map located on the top right hand corner to navigate your way around. To change weapons, just click the sword icon on the right.






You can fight monsters like tree monsters or gremlins in the forest. After they die, they will leave items like mushrooms and health potions. This saves you some cash from using credit to purchase the items you need. However, they will usually surround and attack you. You need a strategy before taking out them. Click on the star button to restore your health if your red bar is low.

The game options are pretty standard here. You can turn off background music and set vibrate mode on if you wish to play the game in silent mode. You can also reduce the usage of special graphics effects. The other feature to note is you can boast about your achievement using Facebook.


The character statistics can be access by tapping on the “stats” button. This screen is used mainly to level up your character.You can either abort changing your character’s stats or agree. You can also access your inventory by tapping on the house icon. This screen stores most of your collected items during battles.




The quest button allows you to see all the uncompleted quests. You can also reject them after accepting the quest in this screen. There are also special gems to collect to boast your prowess in the game.



The last thing I want to say about this game is that you need to buy some resurrection scrolls to bring yourself from dead to alive. However, this will cost you some money using the in-app purchases. I feel for beginners, the developers should allow some free scrolls. Later if you are more experienced fighter, then the game will ideally charge you money for the scrolls.


My overall impressions of this game is that the game effects are neatly done especially the battle motions. However, the game needs a quest button and sometimes when the NPC characters talks about the quest, you can tap to fast forward their conversation but when you need them to tell you about the quest again, they will not repeat again. However, despite these points, I enjoyed the special battle motions and gameplay of this beta release.

The game lets me experience what an RPG game should work on iPhone as well as the sheer joys of navigating my little character around in the town and woods.

I have no idea how COM2US may price this game but you can definitely see this game released on iTunes soon.


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