BulkyPix’s Gobliiins available now

9 Nov

Who are the people behind this game?


BulkyPix : Leading publisher of the most unique, innovative and entertaining games on the App store

DotEmu: Developer of the highly creative games

WHAT is the title of this game?



First in the Goblins trilogy, an Atari/Amiga game series from the early 90’s that became one of the first hits in the puzzle platformer genre, now available on the iPhone



King Angoulafre cheerfully dines with his court when he is suddenly overwrought by terrible ailment. An unseen foe stabs a voodoo doll with a large pin, and the king howls in pain. As he further assails the doll so does the king feel all the torment. In Gobliiins, a team of three goblins, each with a unique skill, is tasked with finding out who is tormenting the king and discovering a cure.

The Mechanics


You are given control of a team of three goblins, each with a unique skill. There is a warrior goblin (BoBo), a magician goblin (Hooter), and a technician goblin (Dwayne), all three of which have completely different attributes and can take advantage of completely different items. You touch the goblin and lead him through the task you desire him to complete. All of the levels/puzzles take up only a single screen but are filled with all sorts of challenging puzzles and traps, all of which must be completed using all three of the goblins special skills.

The Game


Gobliiins offers a mix of elements of adventure and puzzle gaming. The puzzles in Gobliiins are unusual and challenging, and lots of fun. The game consists of 22 levels. Each puzzle must be solved before you can progress to the next level. It’s a great adventure game, featuring amazing graphics and sound effects. It contains funny sequences that will make you laugh all the way through the game. The game is challenging and frustrating at times, but gamers who enjoy solving twisted, illogical puzzles will love working their way through its various worlds.

The Look and Feel

The graphics in Gobliiins are playful and whimsical, and almost demented at times. A variety of curious creatures, flora, and architecture populate each and every screen of the game. This unique style is used throughout the entire Gobliiin series.

WHEN is the game released?

Gobliiins is available now on iTunes App Store.

WHERE can I find this game?

Worldwide on the Apple App Store. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gobliiins/id394372440?mt=8

PRICE: $0.99

WHY do I need this game?

Because you deserve some diabolical puzzling fun.


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