Com2uS looks to the Crowd in search of an icon for its upcoming music game, Touch The Beat!!

22 Nov

Pimp up Touch The Beat, music game from Com2uS with an icon created by YOU!

Com2uS, the makers of Slice It! and Homerun Battle 3D is preparing to launch their next big title, Touch The Beat. Touch The Beat is a new type of rhythm action game where users can tap, drag, hold and multi touch the wide screen of the iOS devices listening to music.


The best part of Touch The Beat is that users can create their own games using their own music from their iphones, ipod touches and ipads and share them with friends. The User Created Content along with the regular updates from the developer will make the game and music playing experience more diverse.


To emphasize the User Creation philosophy of the game, Com2uS is holding numerous contests on its website and facebook.

As an example, Com2uS is looking for an icon that will present their music game at its best! The contest is open for all to take part in, with expectations for graphic designers from Crowdsource communities to take part and pimp up the game.


There is also an event more suitable for bloggers and forum users. Here’s a link to one of the events that is giving away $600 value of prizes.

The game is expected to go live end of December.


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