Pangea Software Announces Early Start to Black Friday Sale

24 Nov

Austin, Texas – November 24, 2010 – Pangea Software, a leading game developer for iOS announces an early start to their annual Black Friday sale.

All of Pangea’s iOS games are just 99 cents for a limited time!!

• Enigmo, Enigmo 2, and Enigmo Deluxe:


Pangea’s line of best-selling, physics-based puzzle games where you divert streams of falling water droplets to get them into their containers.

• Cro-Mag Rally:


A caveman racing game where you drive primitive vehicles around prehistoric racetracks.  Game Center multiplayer support for both the iPhone and iPad.

• Nanosaur 2:


Pilot a flying dinosaur thru time, and do battle on futuristic planets.  Also supports Game Center multiplayer with the Battle, Capture-the-Flag, and Race modes.

• Billy Frontier:


A space spaghetti western epic which is actually several games in one.  Compete in the duel, outrun a herd of stampeding Kanga-Cows, blast your way thru town in the Shootout levels, or do target practice in the shooting gallery.

• Bugdom 2:


Pangea’s most popular action-adventure game where you explore the world as a grasshopper.

• Warheads:


A modern take on the classic Missile Command style shooter game.

• Otto Matic:


An incredible action-adventure game where you play a robot who’s mission is to save humans from being abducted by the evil Brain Aliens.

• Antimatter:


A unique puzzle game involving antimatter and cosmic strings.

All of these games can be found on the App Store at:

About Pangea Software:


Founded in 1987 by Brian Greenstone, Pangea Software, Inc. is a versatile and progressive software developer that is independently owned and operated.

Based in Austin, TX, the award-winning Pangea team is focused on creating original titles for the Apple iPhone and Mac platforms.


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