My Little Restaurant Christmas Edition Game Review

5 Dec


My Little Restaurant Christmas Edition is a time management game that continues what the original version has left off. The game has 3 game slots for you to save your game progress.But if you press the home button to exit, you need to start the game all over again.



In this game, there are several tweaks. In the beginning of the game, you will see a Christmas tree with lighted candles. Each candle represent one level. Choose the lighted candle to embark on your waiter’s task. You can touch the clock to stop time when you are tired of serving customers so you can have your well-deserved break.

Some customers will also leave you gifts if they are satisfied with your service.


There will be a green gnome who will run across the room to snatch your gifts if you are not fast enough to  take them from the customers and leave them under the Christmas Tree. If he is unable to snatch the gifts away from you, he will leave in an angry tone.


To seat customers, you can tap at the customers at the doorway and offer him a seat inside the restaurant.

If one person is to sit in a two seats table, it will be wasteful as one seat is left unoccupied. On the contrary, a 3 seat table will be wasted if it is seated by a couple.

There are other special features like you can have a performer who will play and dance to the music to make your guests feel happy while they are waiting in the queue. The performer can be Santa Claus or the green elf. The performer can become tired so you will need to tap on him again to play the same music again to make your customers happy.

There is certain limitations to the waiter’s ability in the game. You can only process three orders at one time.

Hence, you need to be fast enough clear the rest of the outstanding orders as well as the dirty plates before you take new orders.



The game will progress as you slowly earn stars from your customers. The customer service bar will grow from the bronze star to the silver and to the gold star too.

Once it reaches the end, it will mean that your task is completed and you can boost your awards in this game to your friends.

Each award will mean you have collect certain gifts and how many customers you made happy in the game. Each customer will come with a yellow star.

As the yellow star turns into a red star, you can tell that the customer is very unhappy with you and ready to leave the restaurant. From my observations, as the customers have their dinner,

their red stars will slowly become yellow as their anger has appeased. Some music may help but it depends.






As you reach to the end of the level, the clock will start to ring and the restaurant is closed for business. You need to wait for the last customer to finish his food. You can tell that the restaurant is closed by looking at the door where the customers are queuing.


Overall, I feel that this game is worth buying because of the game music inside it and you can play the game in a light-hearted manner.  There is not much to complain about except the home button will exit the game without saving your game progress.

Graphics: 3.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4 /5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 4 / 5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall:  4.5 / 5

Check out My Little Restaurant Christmas Edition for 99 cents on iTunes.

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