Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure Game Preview

5 Dec



Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure is a game that gives back memories of Super Mario Brothers to iPhone Casual gamers.  There are rumors of an ancient treasure hidden deep inside a dark and dangerous jungle. Your job is to help Pixeline – the game’s heroine, to navigate through the jungle in search of gold coins, treasure chests and discover the mystery of the shape shifting animal spirits that resides within the jungle.

The game has three game slots to save your game progress. You can either start a new game using a new game slot or continue your last saved game. There are twenty three exciting levels spanning across 5 different worlds in this game.



You can transform yourself into 4 different character types, each with their unique traits and abilities.

The usage of these four characters will depend on the requirements of each level as well as the character’s ability.






The game itself is a jump and run type of  platform game.

The character can be easily controlled by the game controls on the left and with the green jump button. The left game controls can be swiped left or right depending on which direction you want the character to go.

At each question mark tomb stone, you will be given some game hints on how to proceed.

In this case, it is telling the gamer that you need to find the keys to unlock the treasure chests. You need to collect gold and silver coins along the journey.




There are jumping slimes and red furry monsters at each level. You will need to jump onto them to kill them. If you fall into the river between the platforms, you will lose a life.



You can easily get a new life if you see a red heart in your path. Just jump and grab it and you will have one more life. You can also get a extra life if you have collected 100 silver coins.



There are many different worlds to explore in this game. Usually, for platform games, the most important tactic to survive is to observe your surroundings and try to figure out how to proceed or kill the monsters. This game lets you explore the different worlds on your own.





Overall, I feel this game is balanced in terms of replay value. The developer’s effort to put in new animal characters to make the overall game more interesting, certainly is a good idea. The extra characters can make improve the game replay value and you can retry a level using a different character. This  game is scheduled to be released on 6th December at the iTunes App Store.

Watch out for this game coming your way on the Apple iTunes App Store. You will be surprised on how fun this game is.


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