G5 Entertainment releases Elves Inc just in time for the Holiday Seasons.

16 Dec


It is Christmas season. G5 Entertainment has just released Elves Inc: Christmas Mission HD – a terrific adventure to inspire holiday cheer in everyone who plays it.


Plunge yourself into the shining world of a winter fairy tale! Control and master the logistics of Christmas! Help magic elves deliver and load gifts to Santa’s sledge before Christmas comes. Make sure they don’t run into each other or they will drop the gifts and children won’t get their Christmas presents. This isn’t just another line drawing game – the spirit of Christmas is at stake!



Main Game features:

  • Four distinct types of vertically challenged Christmas workers. Each type comes with individual behavior pattern, movement speed, and cargo capacity
  • Three colorful locations: Laplandia, USA, and France. Don’t ask why these three – only our game designer knows, and he’s on vacation already
  • 30 fine-tuned levels: easy to start playing and hard to master!
  • Hidden secrets and bonuses on each level
  • Beautiful graphics and sound effects in the spirit of Christmas

Check out this game on iTunes for $1.99.


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