Super Yum Yum : Puzzle Adventures – another fun-filled game.

19 Jan


It’s déjà vu for Leon the Chameleon!

This game is free previously on 14th January 2011 as part of OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day. If you haven’t grabbed it, you can do so now for $1.99.

A fruit monster has run off with your juicy fruit and kidnapped your babies. Help Leon chase after Ms. Tum Tum in this off-the-wall puzzle adventure spanning 4 worlds and 48 more brain-tingling levels.

Eat fruit, change your color, and lick your babies to make them follow you. Remember, more chameleons means more eating power, and that means it’s GIANT FRUIT time!


•       Universal App! Play on iPhone and iPad

•       Easy to pick up and play

•       Hilarious characters

•       Stunning cartoon graphics

•       4 mini game interludes

•       Free from stress-inducing NMEs

•       Bite-sized gameplay

•       Eat just enough to progress or do it perfectly!

•       10-12 hours estimated play time

Check it out on iTunes now for $1.99.

Lite version available for free here.


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