Two new apps from MEDL Mobile which deserve a look

19 Jan


Track your pack with Where Ya’at

With just a few taps, Where Ya’at sends requests for your contact’s whereabouts by asking them one simple thing: “Where Ya’at?”

If they have this app and oblige your request, it shows where they’re standing via Google Maps.

If you get a request and want your location to be private, simply reply, “None of your business.”


If your buddies haven’t discovered this app, shoot’em an invite to give Ya’at a go.

Download the app now in iTunes for free.


“Gmooh” was designed by a patient who suffered from diabetes to help other diabetics and almost anyone on a medical regimen.

Pill alerts prevent you from postponing any dose, while Blood Test alerts give you a firm grasp on your glucose levels.


Cue your injections with two types of alerts, and even add a custom alert to support your personalized treatments.

If you’ve just made a new year’s resolution to stay on track for your medication, this is the app to help you keep it!

Check out the app on iTunes for free (limited period)


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