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BulkyPix 3D Twist & Match available for iPhone and iPad now

27 Feb


WHO are the people behind this game?

Developer Sanuk Games and BulkyPix, leading publisher of the most unique, innovative and entertaining games on the App store



WHAT is this game?




3D Twist & Match is a frantic puzzler set to challenge your finger dexterity and imagination.

How quickly can you rotate 3D objects and match them to their shaded silhouettes?

Manipulate the figures with your finger, spinning and rotating them to fit them into their shadows. Challenge your spatial visualization skills and make optimal moves to build combos!

With its intuitive controls, 3D TWIST & MATCH is easy to pick up. The gameplay is addictive and will keep you coming back again and again for intense game sessions!

Game Features:

• 10 themes: Beach, Halloween, Christmas, Jungle, Food, Vehicles, Tools, Music, Sport, Electronics…

• 3 Game modes: Arcade, Frenzy and Free Play

• 3 Levels of difficulty

• 200 objects to match

• Oodles of trophies to unlock thanks to Game Center compatibility

With its intuitive controls, 3D TWIST & MATCH is easy to pick up. The gameplay is addictive and will keep you coming back again and again for intense game sessions!

WHEN is this game available?

3D Twist & Match (iPhone) is available NOW. PlayStation Minis (PSP/PS3) and Nintendo DSiWare™ will be available at a later date.

WHERE do I get this game?

Worldwide on the Apple App Store.

Download this game for iPhone & iPad Price at only $0.99

WHY should I buy this game?

Cause everyone needs some great gaming!


PDF Expert 2.2 – one more reason to replace a laptop with the iPad

24 Feb

Readdle today updated its cutting edge application for editing PDF forms and annotating PDF documents.


PDF Expert 2.2 is now able to flatten signature, filled forms data, and annotations, making it possible to protect PDF files from editing and view all annotations within any PDF reader application.


There are a few reasons that lawyers, attorneys or real estate agents might want to flatten a document: to prevent PDF file from editing data inside it, finalize the signature on the document and ensure that all annotations can be viewed with any PDF reader application.


The latest version of PDF Expert for iPad makes the flattening process flawless, taking just a single tap to flatten a PDF file before emailing it.



One of the long-standing benefits of the PDF format is that it allows users to add notes, comments and highlights to PDF file. PDF Expert extended this capability making PDF annotations editable on the iPad. While lawyers tend to protect document from being changed, professors, students and medicals might well need the ability to edit existing annotations. Another feature that can come in handy is emailing PDF files along with the annotations summary to overview quickly all essential mark ups in the document.




“Finalized signature and field data are essential for lawyers and real estate agents. Preview summary of created annotations is a great way for students to share necessary information” said Igor Zhadanov, Readdle CEO. “In PDF Expert 2.2 all these features migrated from the desktop to make the iPad a viable laptop substitute.”

Pricing and Availability:

PDF Expert for iPad 2.2 is available on the Apple App Store at $9.99 to new customers and as a free update for existing PDF Expert for iPad owners.

About Readdle:
Founded in 2007, Readdle developes and publishes high quality iOS applclications for business and personal productivity. The company flagship products are Scanner Pro, an application which transforms the iPhone into portable scanner, and ReaddleDocs, a revolutionary file manager, document reader and attachment viewer for iPhone /iPod touch and iPad.

CHILLINGO launches ‘FOOD PROCESSING’ For the Apple App Store

24 Feb

Manic Slice ‘n’ Dice Kitchen Action for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Food Processing 1

WHO are the people behind this game?
Chillingo Leading Independent Games Publisher and division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS).
Embattle GamesDeveloper and publisher of iPhone games, founded in 2009

Food Processing 2
WHAT is this game about?

Slice and dice your way up the production line scoreboard in this arcade slice ‘em up!

Fruit and veg stream past you on a food conveyor belt whilst you frantically chop away with your finger.

Each food product requires a different cutting technique to hit a perfect score, unlock bonuses, or combo-chop for mega points in this addictive game for iPhone, iPod touch, and HD version for iPad.

Food Processing 3

Food Processing 4

Food Processing 6

Food Processing 7

Game Features:

  • HELL’S KITCHEN: Unlock Hell’s Kitchen mode, a super fast, intense and challenging game mode designed to separate the weak from the master chefs!
  • I’LL HAVE THE COMBO MEAL: String together perfect cuts for huge point bonuses and combos. You’ll need to if you want to unlock all the secret content!
  • ONLINE LEADERBOARDS: Will you be to top of the leaderboards? Complete challenges, unlock achievements and post your high score around the world using Game Center and Crystal integrated social platform.

WHEN/WHERE can I get this game?
Food Processing is available for iPhone and iPod touch at:
Food Processing HD is available for iPad at:

A Lite version of the game is also available:
Food Processing Lite:

WHY do I need to get this game?

Speed and skill are essential ingredients in any production line, and this one will test the grey matter to its limits, but as they say: if you can’t stand the heat…

iSink U game FREE for iPhone on Feb 22nd and now

23 Feb



iSink U, is now free for the iPhone for a limited of time! iSink U is a classic naval strategy game that has been featured as both “New and Noteworthy” and ‘What We’re Playing” on the App Store.


Game Features:
– Command a squadron of 4 boats and 1 submarine in exciting battles that won’t end until Poseidon himself surrenders the sea to your might!
– A new attack system factors skill into this classic game by introducing decisions based on action points
– In each round choose to move a ship, fire a primary weapon, or unleash the latest breakthrough in naval technology
– Unique battle experience offered by the multi-touch function of the iPhone and iPod touch creates a user-friendly setting for you to zoom in, zoom out, and pan across the screen
– Strategically command a battalion of advanced fighter ships including the Cruiser, the Battleship, and more
– Commence sea assault on your friends using the Head 2 Head Mode
– Claim victory in all levels to unlock a hidden map
– Earn three prestigious medals and prove your superiority as a sea commander!
-Sail to App Store and Battle it out now!

Check out the game free on iTunes now!

FDG´s “Beyond Ynth” is the big IMGA winner at MWC Barcelona Wins “Excellence in Gameplay” and the “Grand Prix” (GOTY) award!

23 Feb


February 21, 2011: FDG Entertainment is extremely happy and proud to announce the winning of two IMGA awards at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Our top-rated game “Beyond Ynth” (available for iPhone and iPad) won both the “Excellence in Gameplay” and the “Grand Prix” award, which is the top prize at the event! Beyond Ynth is a co-production between FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co KG and







Beyond Ynth (iPhone) App Store Link:

About “Beyond Ynth”:
Embark on an epic adventure that will take you beyond anything you have ever experienced before! This is the story of Kribl, a little bug on a big journey to bring light back to the Kingdom of Kriblonia. Help him to successfully traverse unexplored terrifying territories and find all the light-giving Dazzly Diamonds that were stolen by the Four Dark Spiders of the Apocalypse!

During your journey you’ll face dry dusty deserts, virulent volcano valleys, dank dark foggy forests and icy mountain peaks with treacherous slippery slopes. Each of these territories brings its own surprises and you’ll find yourself pushing boxes, climbing platforms, jumping, sliding, falling – in every imaginable situation. All these actions require visionary thinking as each level contains puzzling structures which need to be turned, moved and navigated in order to get through. Use your wits to escape scorching sunbeams, freezing weather conditions and dangerous lava pits.

Digital Chocolate Secures $12 Million Series D Investment led by Intel Capital

23 Feb


Top social game publisher solidifies its leadership position

San Mateo, CA,-February 22, 2011 – Digital Chocolate Inc. , a leader in social games across growing platforms, announced today it has closed $12 million in Series D financing.  This round was led by Intel Capital and includes participation from prior investors Sutter Hill Ventures and Bridgescale Partners.

The new funding comes on the heels of Digital Chocolate’s successful 2010 during which it became one of the top five global games publishers on Facebook.  The company has also achieved more than 100 million mobile downloads, and has brought its social games to the smartphone and tablet platforms.  With this additional growth capital, the company plans to further expand its scale, cross-platform capabilities, and geographic reach.

The announcement represents a commitment to the continued expansion of Digital Chocolate’s strategy.  “The investment from Intel Capital supports our vision of publishing leading social games across different devices and platforms,” said Trip Hawkins, founder and CEO of Digital Chocolate.  “The strength of our team, combined with the strategic insight and support from Intel Capital and existing investors, will help extend our leadership in the evolving social gaming market.”

“We’ve chosen to invest in Digital Chocolate because of its success across the fastest growing digital platforms and consumer electronics device categories,” said Mike Buckley, managing director of the Consumer Internet Sector of Intel Capital. “As a leading social game developer, Digital Chocolate continues to drive new features and functionality across multiple computing platforms.”

About Digital Chocolate


Digital Chocolate has rapidly emerged as a leader in new digital media and social games. Best known for Millionaire City, MMA Pro Fighter, Rollercoaster Rush and Tower Bloxx, Digital Chocolate led all software companies in App Store downloads in 2009 and in 2010 was one of the fastest-growing publishers of Facebook social games with virtual goods. Focused on original brands and technology for a wide variety of platforms, the company has made over 100 different award-winning games and works with 200 leading web and mobile channel partners in 80 countries. Digital Chocolate has operations in San Mateo, Helsinki, Barcelona, Bangalore, and Mexico.

About Intel Capital


Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of companies offering hardware, software, and services targeting enterprise, home, mobility, health, consumer Internet, semiconductor manufacturing and cleantech. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$9.8 billion in over 1,100 companies in 48 countries. In that timeframe, 189 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world and 258 were acquired or participated in a merger. In 2010, Intel Capital invested US$327 million in 119 investments with approximately 44 percent of funds invested outside the U.S. and Canada. For more information on Intel Capital and its differentiated advantages, visit

Crazy UFO 1.1 for iPhone: Advanced Graphics, New Levels, Improved Interface and More!

23 Feb


Avallon Alliance in collaboration with Electrosparkles has announced the release of Crazy UFO 1.1.

This update of a popular iPhone game is remarkable for improved interface, advanced graphics and exceptionally captivating levels.

Crazy UFO is a casual game for iPhone and iPod Touch: you play as an inquisitive alien who needs to abduct various earthly creatures for his cruel research.


The game was featured on the App Store as New and Noteworthy soon after its release and gained significant popularity due to its entertaining gameplay with cartoon violence, unusual plot and colorful graphics. The new update of the game, Crazy UFO 1.1, is even more addictive, as it boasts a good number of improvements and new features.



First, novice players will definitely appreciate that each level is now preceded by a tutorial. Given that some of the levels are quite challenging, the tutorials may prove very useful. Besides, the levels of Crazy UFO 1.1 have been rebalanced and enriched with new obstacles. For example, hunters will try to shoot the animals being abducted, so the player must do the best to keep all creatures alive for the research.


As for the technical aspect of the game, all imperfections of the previous version have been properly fixed, and the interface has become much more convenient. Moreover, Crazy UFO 1.1 now supports sharing game achievements on Facebook and Twitter: the players can tell their friends about highest scores, spaceship upgrades, research results, etc.


The game also features better graphics with lots of fine details.

Check out the game now on iTunes for $0.99!


Pricing and Availability:

Crazy UFO 1.1 is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. It supports iOS 3.1.3 or later. The App Store price is 0.99 USD.

Companies involved in creating the game:

Founded in 2008, Avallon Alliance specializes in development and publishing of iPhone/iPad games. Its most successful projects are The Stone of Destiny, Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus, Doodle God and Doodle Devil. For more information please visit

Electrosparkles Inc was founded in 2010. It is a software development company specializing in iPhone/iPad projects and games. Its official website is