Improved mind-teaser Zarik is now available for iPad, coming soon for Mac

14 Feb


Avallon Alliance in collaboration with Dagdargon Games announces the release of the iPad version of the puzzle game Zarik which will be available soon on the Mac App Store.

This release of a popular game includes 100 levels (40 levels more than in the iPhone version) that make gamers’ brains work hard.

Zarik is a dice puzzle where the player touches and drags the dice to move them to an outlined zone with the number of moves restricted to numbers on the dice faces.

Game rules are simple and become clear after the first level; further levels intricate gamers with new challenging obstacles, hindering rings and teleporting holes.


One of the advantages which may attract those interested in strategy more than in fast-track is that game designers leave gamers the chance to change the way they tackle the task.




If the wrong decision was made, it is possible to roll back a few moves.



Visual performance is worth the positive feedback with neutral background texture looking like a wooden board and game items shaped as elementary geometrical figures. Nothing will distract the user from the main task of solving the puzzle which increases its intricacy from level to level.

Pricing and Availability

Zarik HD is compatible with iPad. It requires iOS 3.0 or later. Zarik HD is available on the App Store for 1.99 USD. Zarik for Mac is coming soon.

Check out Zarik HD on iTunes for $1.99!

Companies involved in this game:

Founded in 2008, Avallon Alliance specializes in the development and publishing of iPhone/iPad games. Its most successful projects are The Stone of Destiny, Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus, Doodle God and Doodle Devil. For more information please visit

Dagdargon Games is the developer of games for iPad/iPhone/Mac. Popular products issued by Dagdargon games are Doug Brown and Zarik.


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