CHILLINGO launches ‘FOOD PROCESSING’ For the Apple App Store

24 Feb

Manic Slice ‘n’ Dice Kitchen Action for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

Food Processing 1

WHO are the people behind this game?
Chillingo Leading Independent Games Publisher and division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS).
Embattle GamesDeveloper and publisher of iPhone games, founded in 2009

Food Processing 2
WHAT is this game about?

Slice and dice your way up the production line scoreboard in this arcade slice ‘em up!

Fruit and veg stream past you on a food conveyor belt whilst you frantically chop away with your finger.

Each food product requires a different cutting technique to hit a perfect score, unlock bonuses, or combo-chop for mega points in this addictive game for iPhone, iPod touch, and HD version for iPad.

Food Processing 3

Food Processing 4

Food Processing 6

Food Processing 7

Game Features:

  • HELL’S KITCHEN: Unlock Hell’s Kitchen mode, a super fast, intense and challenging game mode designed to separate the weak from the master chefs!
  • I’LL HAVE THE COMBO MEAL: String together perfect cuts for huge point bonuses and combos. You’ll need to if you want to unlock all the secret content!
  • ONLINE LEADERBOARDS: Will you be to top of the leaderboards? Complete challenges, unlock achievements and post your high score around the world using Game Center and Crystal integrated social platform.

WHEN/WHERE can I get this game?
Food Processing is available for iPhone and iPod touch at:
Food Processing HD is available for iPad at:

A Lite version of the game is also available:
Food Processing Lite:

WHY do I need to get this game?

Speed and skill are essential ingredients in any production line, and this one will test the grey matter to its limits, but as they say: if you can’t stand the heat…


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