TuneUp Mac App Review

22 Mar

TuneUp is a Mac Application that can help clean up your album song titles and cover art.

I had a chance to try this application on my MacBook. For those people who want to try Chinese album songs, this software can help to change the song title to Chinese words but cover art detection mechanism is not there yet for Chinese and Japanese songs. For English songs, the software is able to detect the cover art effectively. For future updates, I hope the developer can allow the user to add custom web sites to search for cover arts from Chinese and Japanese web sites. Sites like albumartexchange.com and chinesealbumart.com have most cover arts for Chinese songs.

There are certain clean-up options that you can specify under the Preferences. You can also clean up the titles in your torrents. I do not advocate or encourage downloading songs from bit Torrent but this feature is a good-to-have for those people who are using bit torrent.



The software works by a wizard based approach. Simply choose what you wish to do with your songs. You can clean up your mislabeled music or find your missing cover arts or explore your music collection.


The feature I love about this software is when I am playing a song in iTunes, the TuneUp’s window will show me what relevant videos are in YouTube and I can watch them if I am interested in them.


You can also share the song titles you played on social networks like Facebook.

Overall, Tune Up is a software you can count on finding music cover arts for your English songs but if you want it to locate the cover art for your Asian music titles, you need to wait for that feature in the future.


If you like to try TuneUp, go to this web site: http://www.tuneupmedia.com/index.php.

There is an unlimited songs and cover arts option going for $29.95 us dollars.

For starters, if your music collection is huge, TuneUp can help you tremendously to label your songs and find that missing cover art.

I will rate this software 3.5 stars out of 5 stars for ease of use and effectiveness of the primary functions.


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