Bamboozle! – The Classic Teletext Quiz Game Goes Free!

1 Apr


The cult Teletext quiz is back and completely updated for 2011! Join your host and resident quizmaster, Bamber Boozler,

for some of the most entertaining and challenging trivia questions you’ve ever seen.




New for 2011

  • The Game is now available to Download for FREE
  • If you have previously purchased Bamboozle you will get an Ad Free version as the update
  • All new Topic Question Packs are available to download to complement the existing general knowledge questions. Packs include; Sport,
    TV & Film and Music
  • Full on retro graphics, with the classic fastest Red, Yellow, Green and Blue answer keys!
  • Thousands of questions, with many featured in the original Teletext Bamboozle Quiz – you could play for months!
  • Who’s the worlds Best Bamboozler? Interactive updated leaderboards – see how good you are to the rest of the Bamzooling community
    and your friends!





You can grab this FREE Quiz game here:


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