The wait is over! … Fruit Snatch is live on the iTunes App Store.

22 Apr


Meet Thora Bird and Leon the Chameleon in this addictive new game. It’s fun. It’s fruity. It’s FREE!

Life as a parent is tough but for Leon it’s just getting silly. Thora Bird has swooped down and grabbed a ludicrous amount of his fruit… and she’s getting away! Chase down that pesky pelican and snatch any fruit she drops before she escapes.
The more fruit she drops, the lighter and faster she gets. The faster she gets the more fruit she drops! FRUIT SNATCH!

• Compete against your friends in the action packed finger twister.

• Includes Open Feint achievements and high scores.

• Snatch and use POWER-UPS! Super Suck, Smart Bomb and Time Freeze.

• Use advanced tactics like “liking Thora” to maximise your score.

Can you keep up with this fast-paced fruity challenge?

Check out this neat game FREE on iTunes now!






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