Jump Out!: Colorful iPhone Arcade with Fascinating Gameplay is out on iTunes!

23 Apr


Avallon Alliance has announced the release of Jump Out!, an addictive iPhone arcade developed in collaboration with Dagdargon Games. The App Store price of Jump Out! is $0.99. Help the cute little bugs get out of the box in this new cool game!


Jump Out! is all about helping cute big-eyed bugs who want to escape from various kinds of boxes. Nobody will remain unmoved by the bugs’ imploring glances! The boxes are full of obstacles and mortal dangers, and the player’s lofty aim is to guide as many little creatures as possible to freedom.


Unfortunately, the poor bugs cannot crawl on box walls. They can only jump from one place to another, clinging to soda caps or bouncing off any other objects. The player should be extremely careful when choosing a bug’s jumping trajectory! Once the bug misses the next cap or the exit hole, it falls down and tragically dies. It should be noted that even if only one bug escapes successfully, the level is completed, but saving all of them brings additional scores (as well as collecting golden stars).


Though the gameplay may seem rather simple, the higher levels are really challenging: they involve various barriers, unstable walls, deadly spikes, etc. The action takes place in empty boxes, boxes with obstacles and even in a computer system unit. There are 60 levels of different complexity in total, which can be completed in standard and expert modes. The latter guarantees much stronger impressions and bigger scores.


The cartoon design and the sound effects of the game are also worth mentioning. Players of both genders and all ages will be fascinated by the sweet-looking bugs that make funny squeaks with every jump. So far there are 4 bug species with their own special abilities and distinctive character traits. Beetle is charismatic and level-headed; cricket is somewhat crazy and can jump really high and far; shrimp is fragile and weepy; and snail is strong and tough thanks to it shells. By the way, in the nearest future Avallon Alliance is going to introduce new characters and to add extra levels with new obstacles. Stay updated!


Game Features:

– Simple, intuitive controls;
– Cool, physics-based gameplay;
– Wide variety of characters with unique skills and abilities;
– 60 levels.



Grab this game on iTunes now for 99 cents!!


Companies involved in this game:

Avallon Alliance is a developer and publisher of iPhone and iPad games. The company is known for effective collaboration with the best game developers in Russian-speaking countries and publishing and development of successful iOS titles.

Dagdargon Games is a developer of games for iPad/iPhone/Mac. Popular products issued by Dagdargon games are Doug Brown and Zarik.


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