PowerSlide Penguin – Get ready for the slide of your life!

29 Jun

Get ready for the slide of your life. Somebody just took out a withdrawal from Chill City Bank — the illegal kind — and it’s up to Penn Gwynn to recover the loot. Slide across over 75 iced-over stages, barrelling into gems and cash while avoiding dynamite, polar bears, and evil snowmen in this light-hearted action-puzzler game.


PowerSlide Penguin is available right now on App Store. In PowerSlide Penguin, you embark on a puzzle adventure with Penn Gwynn, the world’s only PowerSliding Penguin. Pengros, the dastardly Peg Leg Penguin, has stolen a ton of loot from the Chilly City Bank and it’s up to you to stop him and get it back!



Main Game Highlights:
●    Seventy nine levels of fast paced Power Sliding puzzle adventure
●    Collect Coins, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds and big wads of Cash
●    Dodge Dynamite, Snowmen and even Dancing Bears!
●    Ricochet off walls, pinball against bumpers and smash through ice blocks
●    Master the Afterslide and perfect your PowerSlide skills


PowerSlide Penguin is released in partnership of Cobra Mobile Games with  Chillingo.

PowerSlide Penguin App Store Links:
PowerSlide Penguin  59p   – http://itunes.apple.com/app/powerslidepenguin/id422036947?mt=8
PowerSlide Penguin HD   £1.19  – http://itunes.apple.com/app/powerslidepenguinhd/id433616246?mt=8

Want to know how amazing PowerSlide Penguin looks and plays? There’s a great trailer for the game on YouTube :


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About Cobra Mobile
Cobra Mobile is a highly focused, creative and dynamically driven games development studio creating the next generation of innovative and must-play games  on iPhone and iPad. Cobra’s other iPhone hit games include, the iBomber series, the Low Grav Racer series, Mouse About and Numba. Based in Dundee,  Scotland,  Cobra Mobile is a leading iOS game development and technology company with an extremely creative and focused team bringing the best high quality, must-play games content to the ever-growing iPhone, iPad, and casual-play entertainment markets.


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