Doodle Farm – A new game for the iPhone from the creators of Doodle God and Doodle Devil

24 Jul


The JoyBits company is happy to release their new game, Doodle Farm. It has reached Top 100 paid apps on the US App Store in the day of release. Their previous hits, Doodle God and Doodle Devil, turned out to be great successes and the games were ported to many popular platforms, totalling 40 million gameplays. A total of 4.5 million people played both the commercial and free versions of the games on iOS alone. The games stayed in the Top 25 in both the Board and Puzzle sections in the App Store for a whole year and, of course, they never received lower than 5-star ratings from the devoted gamers.


Finally, the long-awaited new game from the creators of Doodle God and Doodle Devil is available for your iPhone! It is called Doodle Farm and it is not a sequel to previous games, but a new game that takes this genre to a completely new level. The new features of this game will allow you to easily progress through the dynamic gameplay because you can now make use of the enhanced tips system. You can use the alphabet to quickly select the elements (or rather, animals, in this case) and enjoy the many new features the game has to offer (it even has educational features!).



The gameplay of Doodle Farm introduces cute animals that you can then use to breed and create new animals on your farm. Players will have great fun matching various types of animals to get the most unexpected results. What do you get if you crossbreed a cat and a dog in the game? Find out! And after you do, the game gives you the chance to learn more by tapping the Wikipedia button and reading about your farm’s newest animal. What do bears eat? Can kiwis fly? Where exactly do penguins live? You will easily find the answers to all these questions, and more, as you mix and match creatures to build the entire animal kingdom, starting with just four creatures.


How can you learn interesting information about the animals that live on our planet? By playing Doodle Farm! You are sure to have fun, whether you’re a student who wants to know more or even an inquisitive adult with a couple of extra minutes to spare.

And this is not the last you’ll hear from JoyBits; they will continue to improve the game and provide players with updates as they did for Doodle God and Doodle Devil. They are also going to release the HD version of Doodle God for the iPad this fall, so be on the lookout.

Pricing and Availability

The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and is available on the App Store for $0.99.


JoyBits Ltd. is the pioneer in game development for the Russian J2ME market. Founded in 2002, Saint-Petersburg, the company has released over 40 mobile apps, including first Russian branded games (FC Zenit, DIXIS, Snowy, Air Strike), award-winning Silent Storm Mobile (Nival Int), Disciples Mobile and genre setter Doodle God™. Since 2007, JoyBits Casual has been creating top game brands such as Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus, Cassandra’s Journey: The Fifth Sun, Bigfoot: Chasing Shadows etc. In 2010, JoyBits Social is working on several titles to release.


App Store Link –

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Game page –


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