BulkyPix – A+ Physics puzzler Save Yammi NOW available

11 Aug


Who are the people behind this game?

BulkyPix, publisher highly addictive, quality mobile games for iOS and mobile devices


What is this game about?

AAA physics platformer Save Yammi, is now available

Game Description:


The game design of Save Yammi requires you to think outside the box, drawing an on-screen rope that will let you feed a delicious cookie to Yammi! It features over 100 different levels, each one packed with various ways in which you can feed his appetite, while collecting stars for bonus points. Using a fine mixture of touch-screen and gyroscopic controls, Save Yammi promises to challenge players of all ages for hours on end!



In addition to a variety of stages, Save Yammi also features beautiful high-quality visuals and uniquely animated characters, along with full support for both GameCenter and OpenFeint, so you can keep track of your accomplishments.

Main features:

  • High-quality graphics
  • Innovative main gameplay feature
  • Lots of different ways to complete levels
  • Funny character and universe
  • 100 diversified levels
  • Gyroscopic and touch controls
  • Game Center

Where to download this game? 

  • Save Yammi: iPhone:


  • Save Yammi: iPhone – Lite


  • Save Yammi HD


  • Save Yammi HD- Lite



Why do I need to download this game?

Because you love the challenge!


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