G5 Entertainment Releases Highly Anticipated Virtual City HD for iPad, an update with Sandbox Mode for Virtual City iPhone coming soon

20 Aug


Virtual City Playground takes the renowned gameplay of Virtual City (strategy, economic simulation, building) to a new level with the addition of new quests, awards, locations as well as brand new social elements, including Game Center Integration, Facebook challenges and an in-game currency. The game will use In-App Purchase to let players buy in-game currency (city credits and invest points). They can use this currency to unlock additional content and purchase more energy, which is necessary to build the city. It is possible to complete the game without any in-game purchases.




One year ago, Virtual City was released on iPhone and iPad. Since then, it has experienced tremendous success – The game is G5’s biggest title to date, with three-quarters of million dollars in sales and millions of downloads across multiple platforms. Virtual City is #1 Top Grossing Game in 17 countries including major EU markets, has been in Top 10 Grossing Games in 51 countries, has been in top 5 Grossing Strategy Games in all markets.


October 14, 2010 – G5 Entertainment, known for its best-selling franchises including Supermarket Mania and Stand O’Food, today announced the immediate availability of Virtual City HD for iPad and the upcoming availability of highly anticipated Sandbox Mode update for Virtual City on iPhone.


Up to now, city simulation games on iOS devices haven’t been that amazing. Up to now that is. G5 Entertainment’s Virtual City – created from the ground-up as a fantastic looking, smartly designed, engaging simulator that from its release became the favorite choice of City-Sim players everywhere. With loads of scenarios to work through, trophies to be won, Virtual City offers hours and hours of fantastic casual gameplay. The game is simply addictive. In the first 10 days the game was downloaded over 50,000 times and has topped the charts globally ever since then.


With the new update, Virtual City brings a whole new level of fun to the game. The highly anticipated Sandbox Mode enables gamers to build to their heart’s content and do whatever they want on five large maps. The update also includes Game Center support, improved Retina Display support, in addition to some bug fixes. The Virtual City HD for iPad comes complete with the Sandbox Mode, right from the start.


Virtual City combines a robust city-building simulation with intuitive, easy to understand controls. In Virtual City, players build and develop the city of their dreams, whether suburban utopia or bustling metropolis. Players begin by choosing from dozens of residential homes and industrial buildings, and the possibilities from there are limitless. As their cities grow, players can produce and transport goods, create mass-transit systems, and entertain their city’s residents with parks, cinemas, stadiums and events. In order to keep the city safe and its citizens happy and healthy, basic services like health care, public safety, waste collection and recycling must be planned and administered.

“We’re proud to bring players the best city building experience on the iOS platforms. Virtual City offers a unique experience for all types of gamers,” said Vlad Suglobov, CEO and Co-Founder of G5 Entertainment. “And now with the Sandbox Mode gamers have even more control over their dream creation and can use their creativity to build their empire to their heart’s content.”

The Virtual City for iPhone update is  available for download at $4.99.

Virtual City Free for iPhone can be downloaded here.

Virtual City HD for iPad is available for $6,99.

Virtual City HD free can be downloaded here.


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