Giant “Remake” Update coming to Adept’s Award-Winning ‘Trixel’ game, 2 years after its release.

8 Sep

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September 7th 2011 : Los Angeles

Celebrating being featured in Oprah Magazine, multiple awards won and a two year anniversary of its initial release, as well as a forthcoming announcement of a new game project, the makers of Trixel are preparing the mother of updates that aims to gift prior fans with more content, and new fans a cheaper, more streamlined, refined, content-rich package.

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Upgrades to come in September and beyond include:

  •  NEW AND IMPROVED ART – Re-styled and up-scaled artwork.
  •  FOR iPHONE 4 RESOLUTIONS – Retina Display Art upscale.
  •  COMPLETELY NEW MUSIC AND FX – Newly designed sounds and music.
  •  FAN-DRIVEN TWEAKS – New free gameplay content, and re-tuned difficulty curve.
  •  NEW DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT PACKS – Puzzle and Race The Clock packs with new gameplay concepts.
  •  GAME CENTER SCOREBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS – Game Center Compatibility with online completion and score records.
  • SUPER SECRET MYSTERY!!! And a mystery, high profile indie game collaboration or two…

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iOS SimulatorScreenSnapz028

Trixel 2009 was built by Adept Games; a small crew comprising of games industry veterans and new blood alike. In 2011, Adept is now a new team, though the original team members are credited under ‘2009 version’ credits in the app.

The game enjoyed a string of 80%-100% review scores at the time of release, as well as awards, nominations and ‘Best App of the …’ accolades, from the likes of Eurogamer, PocketGamer, Metro UK Newspaper, T3, TouchArcade, IGN, Area5 TV and many others.

Trixel was also featured as part of the IndieCade 2009 E3 lineup, showcased as one of a handful of original indie games on mobile devices.

You can check out the game at


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