Jane’s Hotel 2 Game Review

13 Sep


Jane’s hotel 2 is a time management game that is close to a real-life experience of managing a real hotel. You act as Jane who controls the chamber maid to clean and vacuum some of the customers’ room. You can also instruct the hotel’s staff to fix the fruit juice blender when it is spoilt. But if the guest wants a drink from the blender, you need to give it to them. At the end of each day, you will earn a certain amount of cash that will total up at the end of the week.


This amount of money is used to get you out of debt so that you can reclaim back the hotels your grandmother lost.



You can also upgrade the skills of your hotel staff so that they are more well-equipped to handle most of the daily tasks you give to them. After each day, you are given the choice to upgrade the furniture of your hotel as well to create an atmosphere of comfort for your hotel’s guests.


Each of the guests will have a period of time where their satisfaction level will go down. You need to fulfil their requests before the countdown finishes. Normally, when the guests check out from their rooms, they will request that the chamber maid vacuum their rooms. After that, they will pay you at the front desk.



I love this game because of the interactivity inside the game. Guests will say “hi” to you when they need their keys to their room. At the end of each day, there will be a progress report that will show you how you fare in terms of goal and profit corresponding to your bank debt. You need to play this game until most of your debt are paid off so you can reclaim back all  your hotels. The overall gameplay of this time management game is enjoyable and fun.

Graphics: 3.5 /5
Sound/Music: 4 / 5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 4.5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.5 / 5

You need to pay $2.99 to upgrade this game to full version from the free version offered on iTunes.

Check out this game on iTunes.


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