Build Your Very Own Theme Park With ‘Funpark Friends’!

4 Oct


First freemium social mobile game from Tagplay, now available for iPhone/iPod Touch


DUNDEE, UK – 30/09/2011,  Tagplay launched the studio’s first free-to-play social mobile title, Funpark Friends – allowing users around the world to build and run their very own theme parks on their iPods and iPhones! Available via the Apple App Store and sporting dozens and dozens of gorgeous, fully-animated theme park attractions, extensive social gameplay, and an update plan as long as your arm, first impressions are that Tagplay have pulled no punches in taking on the big boys of social gaming. Watch out Zynga, Ngmoco and Team Lava!


After being presented with a vast, expandable park area, players of Funpark Friends will very quickly find the game full of fully animated theme park goodies. There are over 70 rides, decorations, shops, games and attractions included on launch, allowing players to build huge, bustling parks from the get go. From classic carnival skeeball games to sprawling, looping, twisting roller coasters, players will enjoy unlocking new features for their park’s visitors to enjoy. What’s more, for those who love absolute customisation in their social games, Funpark Friends will support specialised classic, pirate, medieval and space theme sets on launch, allowing for the creation unique and attractive parks!



Tagplay have also attempted to tackle many of the issues commonly found in mobile social-sim titles with Funpark Friends. Funpark Friends will support an ‘offline’ play mode allowing players to build and enjoy their parks anywhere, and it will also support a truly engaging cast of characters who will lead players through an extensive quest system – creating the best theme park simulation game available on mobile today!

Collecting coins and experience from a restaurant (each ‘+’ represents a coin and experience percentage boost from a decorations near the ride, in this case, the palm trees):


The launch version of Funpark Friends will keep players busy for weeks, however and extensive update schedule is planned, adding group-to-player social interactivity, truckloads of new content in the form of theme sets, features, rides and attractions, and many new gameplay elements. This support for Funpark Friends can only be seen as demonstrating Tagplay’s commitment to collecting player feedback and to truly allowing that feedback to mould the studio’s titles.

A ‘rollercoaster-alley’:


Second screen taken shortly after the previous, demonstrating the animation for all of the rides currently in use:


The Pirate theme set:


The Space theme set:


Funpark Friends is poised to storm the world of mobile social games! A high definition iPad version and a HTML5 mobile web browser version will be available by the end of October. Other platforms, including Android, will be supported by the end of the year.

Come ride with us!

Download Link:

About Tagplay


Tagplay is the new self-publishing arm of the successful Dundee, Scotland based Tag Games. Responsible for the hugely successful and critically acclaimed Car Jack Streets™ and Astro Ranch™ titles, Tag Games and its new Tagplay arm operate under the virtues of absolute transparency, exceptional game quality and extensive social innovation. With the Tagplay’s first title Funpark Friends™ due October 1st 2011 and a sequel to Car Jack Streets™ due  Q1 2012, the next twelve months will be an incredibly exciting time for Tagplay as it seeks to establish itself as a key-player in social mobile gaming.


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