BulkyPix and FedoIT Release the Highly Anticipated Catch the Candy Update for iPhone & iPad

7 Oct

San Francisco, USA and Paris, France – October 5th, 2011 – The game publisher BulkyPix, and the independent developer, FedoIT are proud to announce that the update of Catch the Candy for iPhone and iPad is finally here. This update brings new levels, new achievements and even more brain busting fun.


‘Catch the Candy’ puts you in control of a hungry little fuzzy creature that uses his extendible grappling tongue to hunt down his candy. But it’s not so easy to reach, as he’s not able to move around on his own. He’ll have to use his tongue to latch onto objects in each of the game’s 80 levels, to  get close enough to the candy to draw it to him.


“Catch the Candy is a sweet puzzler,” says Aleksandr Fedoseev of FedoIT. “The gameplay is truly in a league by itself. You’ll love to play the game and will be enticed by the challenges it presents. It’s definitely a treat.”



Key Features

  • Retina support
  • Terrific set of achievement
  • Now 80 levels: 4 rooms of 20 levels each
  • Realistic physics
  • Amazing level design
  • Easy to start, challenging to finish
  • Open Feint & Game Center

Catch the Candy update is available at the now at the App Store. You can download the iPhone version for $0.99 and iPad version for $1.99. You can also try free versions of the games.

Links to games:

iPhone version:


iPad version:



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