Pangea Software Releases AirPlay Updates for iOS 5 for six of its games.

13 Oct

Austin, Texas – October 12, 2011 – Pangea Software, a leading game developer for iOS has announced support for the new AirPlay streaming capability in iOS 5.

One of the great new features in iOS 5 is the ability to stream video to an HDTV wirelessly via AirPlay, or wired with the Apple HDMI Adapter.  While any iOS app can be “mirrored” to an HDTV, only dedicated apps can actually do it at true HD resolution and with multi-display support where the HDTV and iOS device display different images.  Pangea has updated six of their games to provide native support for iOS 5’s AirPlay streaming.  Bugdom 2, Cro-Mag Rally, Nanosuar 2, Otto Matic, Quarters, and Enigmo 2 can all be played at 1080p with the Apple HDMI Adapter or 720p via AirPlay.  This new feature works on any iPad 2 or iPhone 4S running iOS 5.

“We’re getting really close to being able to call the iPhone and iPad a game console system now that we have AirPlay”, says Brian Greenstone, President of Pangea Software.  “Playing the games in full HD on a big television is amazing!  We plan on supporting AirPlay in all of our upcoming games including Monkey Bongo which should be out in November.”

To get the most out of AirPlay, Cro-Mag Rally and Nanosaur 2 have a new “Spectator-Cam” mode.  When Spectator-Cam is activated the video sent to the HDTV shows a unique view of the game that makes it more entertaining for other people watching.  The player continues to play normally on the iPad while everyone watching the TV sees the game from a hyper-dynamic camera view.

All of Pangea’s updated games have received graphics improvements as well with new higher resolution artwork to make full use of high definition televisions.  Cro-Mag Rally in particular has gotten a complete overhaul of the entire game UI, and it looks absolutely amazing.

To celebrate the launch of iOS 5 Pangea has put all of their iOS games on sale for just $0.99.  The regular prices are typically between $2.99 and $3.99.

All of Pangea’s iOS games can be found on the App Store at:


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