Com2uS Comes to the Big Screen, Launches First Mac App Store Title: Slice It!

16 Oct

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 13th, 2011 – Slice It! from Com2uS is now available on the Mac App Store! The popular geometric slicing game was a hit on the iTunes App Store and now the puzzle fun can go anywhere with you on the big screen…well, your computer!


Slice It! also got a major upgrade with this new game version as well. The Mac App Store Slice It! features a timer to add an extra challenge to your playing experience. With over 200 puzzles included and plans for more updates, Slice It! will keep your brain exercised indefinitely.


Each level is a new shape, and each stage has increasingly challenging levels. Simply draw a line to cut the shape into the required amount of pieces with the number of lines given in the allotted time. Sound simple enough? It soon isn’t simple, but as the difficulty increases, so does the excitement. In the most advanced stages, new objects like line-refracting mirrors throw even more tantalizing obstacles into the mix. With a 5-star award feature for every level, you can slice and dice until every puzzle is perfect.



Com2uS is extremely excited to start to bring their titles to your computer with the Mac App Store, and hopes to offer more soon! The Slice It! Mac version is available on the Mac App Store TODAY for $4.99!

                   Download the Mac version of Slice It! for $4.99!

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