Outsmart the Wolves and Save the Sheep in Crazy Escape For iPad/iPhone from BulkyPix

20 Oct


October 20, 2011, San Francisco, CA and Paris, France – Saving sheep from hungry wolves isn’t easy – but you’re able to do so with just the swipe of your finger when BulkyPix’s Crazy Escape hits the App Store for both iPad and iPhone devices later today, October 20th, 2011! Created by the development team at KoolFing, the game combines the excitement of action pursuits with the sharp design of a puzzle game.

In Crazy Escape you guide our penguin heroes Cutlet and Mishmash through dangerous territories, using your finger to direct them along their route. Their aim, with your help, is to save their lifelong friends, the sheep, who have been captured by the wolves… but it’s not going to be easy to get past their defenses! Worse yet, the leader of the pack is wise to your rescue plan, and chases you relentlessly! It’s up to you and these brave penguins to rescue the sheep and lead them to safety before the wolves turn them – and you – into a reluctant snack.


Crazy Escape uses a simple gameplay approach. You plan your route and avoid the wolves; a task that grows ever more challenging over the course of each stage. Along with keeping an eye on your adversaries, you will have to avoid environmental dangers that continually pop up around the course, including snow piles that can cause your car to careen out of control and boulders and walls that can end your heroic run rather quickly. Think ahead, plan your course accordingly, and keep moving – you don’t want the leader of the wolves catching you!


Along with enjoyable, innovative gameplay, Crazy Escape also includes rich graphics and character animations that bring this cartoon-style world to life, making it a game that players of all ages can easily enjoy. The stage layout also makes it easy to plot your course, so you can pick up sheep that are chained up in the fields, as well as those that are picked up by the wolf leader. To win the coveted gold medal however you’ll have to figure out how to complete the rescue with the shortest route!




With over 90 thrilling levels set over different terrains, you’ll be challenged to outmanoeuvre the well-organized defences of the wolves while experiencing heart-racing excitement as their leader races after you in hot pursuit!


Crazy Escape is available in the App Store now, for $0.99. Download the iPhone / iPad (universal version) NOW from the App Store:http://bit.ly/o8HYIS


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