App Deal of the Day: FX Photo Studio for iPhone

22 Oct

FX Photo Studio for iPhone will stay with a $0,99 price tag till Sunday evening. This is 50% OFF the regular price. For just a buck, iPhone photographers get:

  • 194 photo effects and filters (really the best collection on App Store)
  • Possibility to mix and adjust effects for the perfect results
  • Possibility to paint with effects
  • Color Splash tool
  • Sharing via Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and more

There is no easier and more enjoyable way to make amazing photos, then make them in FX Photo Studio. Check the images below of the developer and his wife just before their kid was born. Original image was processed with various FX Photo Studio effects on iPhone 4. It took around 10 minutes to create all 7 photos.

It will  be cool to see your pictures processed with FX Photo Studio for the FX Photo Contest!

Original picture, taken this summer


Here is what you can get with FX Photo Studio for iPhone (just few examples)







iPhone 4S showed up in stores just before the release of the new FX Photo Studio for iPhone was released. The MacPhun team have enhanced the app dramatically from inside, so it works like a charm with new optics and new iOS. And have also added a bunch of new features to make FX Photo Studio 4.2 an unquestionable powerhouse for image processing on iPhone.

Awesome feature ONE: 194 photo effects, filters and layers

Not just overlays with different colors but a huge variety of effects for different styles of photography: from lomo and vintage to 3-D and abstract digital art. Check the examples below. All pictures were processed with FX Photo Studio. You can apply as many effects on one image, mixing and tuning effects the way you want.


Awesome feature TWO: Masking and Color Splash Tool

You can apply every single effect to the part of image you like for unbelievable results. Plus you have a separate color splash menu, where you can highlight a particular color and leave the rest of the image black&white. Or you can make the monochrome layer sepia, or grayscale, or graffiti black – up to you and no other app offers the same.


Effects: Grayscale + Ancient Canvas + Color Splash + B&W Comics


Effects: Sepia + Sepia Glow + Color Splash + Red Strokes


Effects: Noise + Lindale + Rainbow Pallette + Blur

Awesome feature THREE: Import from Facebook and sharing via Instagram

You can upload images from iTunes, Camera roll and/or Facebook. Take a picture with enhanced built-in camera and once you are done share creations via most popular social networks, including Instagram. What’s great, you can save not only pictures, but also the mixes of effects you created. Presets can be stored inside the app or shared with other photographers via preset codes.

Download FX Photo Studio for iPhone for 99 cents.


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