BulkyPix Releases Android Hit – “GRave Defense HD” on iPad Halloween Monday

28 Oct

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Take on the hoards of zombies and see how well you do against these Walking Dead


San Francisco, CA, Paris France, October 28, 2011 – Don’t look now, but your iPad is about to become overrun by the undead! This coming Monday Bulkypix is releasing the hit Android game GRave Defense HD to the iPad! The company is working closely with the development team at Art of Bytes to give you iPad owners one spine-tingling good time with this tower defense game.


The world has been ravaged by a nuclear world, and as a result, zombies have risen from their Gravess and are running amuck. As one of the few remaining humans to survive in this post-apocalyptic place, it’s your job to use tower upgrades and weapons to fend them off. Your job won’t be easy, though. Along with hordes of the undead, you’ll also have to contend with some of history’s most notorious monsters, including the vampire Dracula and the powerful Frankenstein!


As you play through each stage of GRave Defense HD, you’ll use every resource manageable to fend off the zombie invasion, including fire, electricity, lasers and other unique weapons. You’ll fight your way across a number of imaginative locales, including the Amazon rain forest, the Bermuda Triangle and even outer space. With each passing stage, you’ll gain access to various towers, which you’ll need to put to proper use, as each new wave introduces new types of zombies to contend with.



The iPad version of GRave Defense HD will see a number of new features, including an all new survival mode, complete with more tower upgrades and an online ranking system, where you can compete against your friends. (You better be prepared, though – only the very best will reach the top of the in-game military ladder.) You’ll also notice great new gameplay features, including visible paths, earned income for each killed zombie and tower meters, so you can track their power and cool them off accordingly. You’ll also enjoy the iPad-specific in-battle heads up display, showing you everything that’s happening with ease.


GRave Defense HD’s gameplay offers a number of options, including the ability to switch between levels and four difficulty settings, ranging from casual to the hardest of the hard, insane! And for those that are new to the game, a descriptive help section breaks down how everything works. You’ll also be able to see what you’re up against in updated animated briefings.

The game is out on iTunes! You can download it for $2.99 on iTunes.  


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