BulkyPix’s Grave Defense HD Game Review

31 Oct



This game is one of the first tower defense game BulkyPix has published. The game has two gameplay modes- Campaign and Survival. If you like story mode, you can go along with Campaign mode.  For people who just want a fast game, they will choose Survival mode.




What I like about this game is that it provides an encyclopaedia for  the different towers, mutants, bonuses and ranks used in the game. If you are in doubt, you can tap on the question mark button to see more of this. It kind of helps you to see what kind of enemies you are up against.


There are a wide variety of towers in this game. The most frequently used tower is the mini gun. It costs $200 which costs the least among all the towers. I can easily buy this tower a few times in the game itself. The another tower I like to use is the Tesla coil. It sends out lightning volts to electrify the enemies.

The positions where you can place the towers are fairly fixed in this game. You just need to see where your towers can do the most damage before you tap on the area to put them. You can sell the towers away to change positions but it will incur some penalty in terms of the total cash you have. You will find that you get less money after selling them and you can only buy certain towers that are within your budget.

Once a mutant is killed, you need to pick up the $5 money coins. When the amount is large, the money is deposited directly into your account.

What I feel is missing from this game is when the mutants are killed, they died silently. There are no noises heard after killing them. Most of the time, you hear the sound of the gunfire and the specific sound that alerts you to collect the coins. The game however has some nice retro music when you exit from the game menu. You can easily follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter as there are such buttons in this game.

The game is a universal build and runs for iPhone and iPad. So, you only need to pay once to have it on both your iDevices.

Graphics: 3.6 /5
Sound/Music: 4 / 5
Fun: 4/5
Addictiveness: 5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4 / 5

The game can be downloaded on iTunes for $2.99:


Check out this game on Halloween if you are stuck at home and have nowhere to go. It can certainly help you to kill some time for this Halloween.


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