Virtual City Playground by G5 Games gets a major update!

2 Nov


Who are the people behind this game: G5 Entertainment
The leading publisher of hi-quality, addictive adventure and strategy games for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

What is this game about?:

Virtual City Playground Update 1.2 with more quests, new decorations and buildings, Halloween content and new ways of earning in-game currency is finally available for iPhone and iPad.


What’s new in update:

  • Halloween content for 37 buildings in the game (35 decorations and 2 special Halloween buildings)
  • Post screenshots of your city on Facebook
  • Get daily investment points for checking into the game
  • Daily quests – so you always have something to do in the game
  • 35 new scenario quests
  • 10 new decorations and buildings


About Virtual City Playground:

Your favorite Virtual City gameplay is now FREE in Virtual City Playground! Make even your most ambitious dreams a reality! Build the city of your dreams… and then run it.


Build dwelling houses and industrial buildings. Produce goods and deliver them to the shopping malls. Setup mass-transit system to take your citizens to places like parks, cinemas and stadiums. Make your city a better place to live by recycling garbage, adding hospitals and fire stations, planting trees, and upgrading buildings to make them more eco-friendly. Make citizens happier by launching spectacular public events. Achieve balance between key parameters of your success: Time, Income, Environment, Population, and Happiness. Note: Regular FREE updates to the game, so download and stay tuned!

Key Features:

  • Play sandbox mode for FREE! No predefined missions
  • Over 120 new optional quests
  • Over 100 new buildings, landmarks, and decorations, including Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Coliseum, Sydney Opera, and many more!
  • 95 new achievements to earn
  • Regular FREE updates that will bring more content!
  • Game Center and Facebook integration
  • Minimized games continue transporting goods – making you money, even while you sleep!

Download the iPhone version for free.

Download the iPad version for free.

When is this game released?: Today, November 2, 2011.

Where can I find it?:
iTunes Store:

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