BulkyPix’s RPM: Gymkhana Racing Revs Up iOS Platforms This November

4 Nov


San Francisco, USA & Paris, France – November 4th, 2011- It’s time to grab your racing goggles and get ready to hit some tight corners, because you’re about to be put to the test! Today, BulkyPix and the development team at Blue Riversa have announced that they are bringing the AAA skill racing game RPM: Gymkhana Racing to the App Store on November 17!


In RPM, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of high-powered vehicles as you hit the tracks and show off your supreme racing skills. Use the Gymkhana courses to show off some of your best techniques, including drifting, performing “donuts” and other incredible stunts – all from the comfort of your iPad and iPhone!


This racing game will whisk you across four locations around the globe, including the streets of New York City, the tricky corners of Dubai, the fast-paced racing terrain of Zhang Jia Jie and the unforgettable Tokyo roads. You’ll race through 20 stages of star-collecting action, performing new techniques and becoming the best in the world at Gymkhana. You’ll also be able to compete with fellow racers through online leaderboards, and unlock some Openfeint achievements for your personal collection.


The game comes with tight on-screen touch controls which deliver an unprecedented feeling over your cars. The fast-paced visuals also bring your device alive with wondrous sights, as you whisk through city streets and take the curves like a pro.


Best of all, if you want to relive your best moves, RPM: Gymkhana Racing comes with a recording mode. You can record all your best stunts and then show them off to your friends, daring them to keep up with the pace.

“RPM: Gymkhana Racing delivers the most accurate portrayal of the stunt racing team possible,” said Vincent Dondaine, CMO and COO of BulkyPix. “Between the stunning courses, different control types and challenges, and the innovative recording mode, players will definitely be coming back for more.”

You can check out screens for RPM, as well as an in-depth trailer that shows off some of the more extensive stunts, below. Then get ready to show off your skills with BulkyPix later this month!

YouTube link:

The game will be released on November 17, 2011.


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