Mamba Nation Battle is available Worldwide on iPhone/iPad

4 Nov


Paris, November, 4th 2011 – Leading smartphone games publisher, BulkyPix and talented development studio Mimesis Republic are proud to announce that Mamba Nation Battle is available on iPhone and iPad. Derived from Mamba Nation Universe, which already hosts more than 200,000 members, Mamba Nation Battle is an addictive, dynamic, funny battle concept game where you can duke it out with your friends and enemies and see who’s the best of all.




In Mamba Nation Battle, players create a unique and personalized avatar, take up arms, choose your strategy and battle an entire world of enemy combatants. Funny and addictive, Mamba Nation Battle is the ideal mobile game to help keep in touch with your friends and to make yourself new enemies to conquer. Connect via Facebook and battle friends and share your accolades with the masses you’ve conquered. This new title combines a simple and original gameplay concept and 3D graphics worthy of the greatest animation studios! And, you’ll love the comical aspects of the game as well.


Already more than 250,000 fights

Recently arriving on the AppStore in a universal version (supporting both iPhone as well as iPad), Mamba Nation Battle has already hosted more than a quarter of a million fights.

Players can battle up to five times before needing a two hour break to rest up before they leap back into the fight as they continue to climb the ranks.

The application will be updated every two weeks with new free and paid content for download directly from in-game. The game experience will be an ever expanding one as new content and new types of strategies, avatar and customization options continues to expand.

The game is available on iTunes now!


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