Review of the Seagate GoFlex Satellite Wireless 500 gigs Storage Device

4 Nov

I did a review some time back about the Zoomit SD Card Adapter some time back:


Recently, Seagate is kind enough to provide me with a GoFlex Satellite 500 gigs storage device for review purposes.

The drive itself is capable of storing 300 movies and has a battery lifespan of 5 hours. The contents of the drive can be shared simultaneously among three users at the same time.


The drive comes with some plugs and cables. However, I found the most frequently used cables are the USB 3.0 adapter and the USB to DC Power Cable and wall adapter. The USB 3.0 adapter allows me to connect to either a Mac or PC to transfer files over to the 500 gigs hard disk. The USB to DC power cable and adapter allows me to charge the device. When the device’s LED light is green, it means it is fully charged. When it is red, it means it requires charging.

For the device to work with the Mac, you need to run the NTFS driver available on the drive itself. After installing the driver, you need to restart the Mac or it will not detect the drive in the Media Sync Application.



The Media Sync software for Mac can be downloaded here.

The Media Sync software for Windows can be downloaded here.

From time to time, there will be new firmware available for download on the Seagate’s website.  When you upgrade the drive’s firmware, you do not need to format the drive. Hence, your data will still be safe after a firmware upgrade.

Seagate provides a free universal app to run on iPad and iPhones to  play Mp4 and M4v files. It can be downloaded here.…431912202?mt=8

If you wish to play 3rd party video files like rmvb, wmv files, you can try to  install the following apps on your iPad or iPhone.

 AcePlayer $2.99 universal

 OPlayer HD $4.99 (It has a lite version for you to try)

 Awesome Reader HD (free now)

AirPlayer $4.99 universal

 Buzz Player HD ($4.99) (must use smb to access the wifi hdd)

The wide variety of applications available to use together with the GoFlex Satellite gives it an edge over other competitors.

Furthermore, the in-built wireless function of the hard disk means I do not need to switch on my router to gain access to this drive. I can use it at night without wasting electricity or bring it outdoors to share content with my friends. You can also spare the storage on your iPad or iPhone for other applications or games once you port your videos and music to this gadget.

The GoFlex Satellite drive does allow you to configure password security for its network so that only authorised personnel can access the contents of the hard disk.

Right now, the GoFlex wireless storage device can be bought on Amazon for $199.99:

If you want to win a free copy of this gadget, be sure to vote for my video review:


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