Tripwolf celebrates win for best travel app 2011 by making its travel apps free 5 per day.

30 Nov


Tripwolf recently won the “best travel app 2011” award at the World Youth and Student Travel Conference. In celebration for this win, it is making 5 of its travel apps for free per day. The below is the schedule for the free apps.

Wednesday November 30th

Berlin, Madrid, Salzburg, Graz, Naples

Thursday December 1st

Italy, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Cologne, Linz

Friday December 2nd

London, Florence, Copenhagen, Oslo, Leipzig

Saturday December 3rd

New York City, Lisbon, Dublin, Dresden, Saint Petersburg

Sunday December 4th

Austria, Mailand, Frankfurt am Main, Valencia, Bordeaux

Monday December 5th

Paris, Stockholm, Porto, Turin, Stuttgart

Tuesday December 6th

Venice, Sevilla, Nice, Glasgow, Düsseldorf

Wednesday December 7th

Vienna, Hamburg, Brussels, Palma de Mallorca, Genoa

Thursday December 8th

Barcelona, Edinburgh, Bologna, Marseille, Heidelberg

Friday December 9th

Bangkok, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Chicago, Dubrovnik

Saturday December 10th

Budapest, San Francisco, Hongkong, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro

Sunday December 11th

Prague, Vancouver, Sydney, Cape Town, Delhi

Monday December 12th

Las Vegas, Buenos Aires, Athens, Tokyo, Cairo

Tuesday December 13th

Shanghai, Hanoi, Dubai, Beijing

All tripwolf guides are also available in the Android Market


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