Anooki Jump Game Review

2 Dec


This is one of the easiest to play casual games on the iPhone so far. You play as either Anook or Nooki who needs to bounce off the white bricks to elevate themselves to greater heights. The objective of this game is simple. You need to collect as many letters as many as you can while you jump. I know it is not simple to do two things at one time. But you can try this game a few times until you get the hang of it.

For me, jumping off the blocks is easy. I just need to master the gathering of letters portion of the game.



If you fall off any of the white bricks while jumping on them, it will be game over for you. Sound easy enough for you?

Go download the game on iTunes now. You can probably challenge your friends by comparing the scores you made. There is an email feature where you can invite your friends to download this game and try on their iPhones as well. If you like to boost your scores on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, it can be done too.

Graphics: 3 /5
Sound/Music: 4 / 5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4 / 5

It is free for limited time only. Furthermore, it is universal build and works for iPad and iPhone.


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