Save The Furries,The Puzzle Game 3D on the App Store December 15th 2011

8 Dec


December the 2nd, 2011 – Paris, France. BulkyPix and SDP Games are proud to announce the upcoming release of Save The Furries on iPhone and iPad. In full 3D, Save The Furries gives the gamer the opportunity to save little green creatures as cute as stupid: the Furries.


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Save the Furries! Or not…




The Furries are little and cute green creatures that like to visit alien planets with joy and enthusiasm.
So far so good…
But remember that Furries are as cute as stupid!!! Totally lunar, they move straight foward without thinking about the lurking dangers: pikes, explosions, chasms, hostile aliens and the great Evil FURAX!
Using wacky items like flippers, ropes, boxes, trolleys, switches, fans and many others will help the player to give the Furries a chance to reach their objective safely, or not…
Save the Furries offers 5 planets (forest, snow, jungle, space and earth) to discover a total of 60 levels. Entirely in 3D, Save The Furries’s engine allow you to zoom or zoom out at will, observe the levels and find the tricks to complete the levels at 100%. The game will be playable in portrait format or landscape format, for the greatest comfort of everyone.


Game Features

– 60 levels to save the Furries!
– Many items to solve puzzles: pinballs, ropes, crates, carts…
– Many dangers to avoid: galactic creatures, explosions, pits, giant drops…
– Full 3D graphics
– Portrait/landscape
– Game Center
– Universal version, works for iPhone and iPad.


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