Fix-it-up: World Tour Game Review for iPad

11 Dec


I am addicted to this time management game from G5 Entertainment lately. The game is interactive with some storylines. In this sequel, you must help Kate expand her car-repair empire around the world!  She has two guy friends always wanting to get attention from her and fight for her affection.


The game is packed with 39 levels and 15 bonus levels for the player to enjoy the game. You will play in 18 unique locations around the world. There are over 20 car types in environment friendly buildings.

In each of the game scenarios, you will manage a car garage which takes care of repairing cars and selling them at a higher price after they are fixed and cleaned. You can use the money earned from the car garages to upgrade your mansion.


You can return to your last played level if you are tired of upgrading your mansion at any point in time.



      In the car garage, there is a repair shop and a painting workshop. You usually get your business from the main road where customers stop their cars and ask you whether you want to buy their spoilt cars.


If you agree to buy their cars, you will need to repair it first. Then, you can give the repaired car a new brush of paint to make it look like new. If they are still dusty, you can ask your employees to wash the car. After that, you can put the new car for rental in the parking lots or sell them at the waiting area.


After the cars are sold, you will receive money to buy spare parts to repair other cars. You will know when the customers will want to buy or sell their cars as there are visual hints like people with a tick sign on their heads or the occasional “hello” voice greeting you.


Each of the steps needs to be executed timely and in sequence.  For example, if you do not have ready spare parts in your car garage, you cannot tap and drag the old car into the repair shop. You need to purchase new parts. Similarly, sometimes, you will run out of employees to repair the cars once the cars fill up the parking lots in the car garage. You need to hire more employees to do the job.




There is a waiting time to wait before the purchasing of spare parts completes. The cars behind your spoilt car on the main road will sound their honks if you fail to remove your car on the main road to the repair shop.

This game is as real as it can get. You will hear the car engine sounds when the sold cars are departing or when the customer fail to sell their spoilt cars to you and drives off.  When the customers want to sell their cars to you, they will greet you with “hello” to get your attention. If you accept their offer to buy their spoilt or old car, they will say goodbye to you after you paid them.

The parking lots will get filled up in no time once you keep buying cars from customers on the main road. You will need to clear them as much as possible to save some parking lots available for new business.

I enjoyed playing this game very much. It is an interactive time management game similar to My Little Restaurant HD but minus the cuteness of the characters. There is only one feature of the game which bothers me when I am playing. The cars will honk at you if you failed to clear your customer’s car on the main road. This gets irritating sometimes.

If you are a fan of time management games, I will recommend you to buy this game. You will not regret it. It is one of the finest time management game I ever played so far.

Graphics: 4 /5
Sound/Music: 4.5 / 5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 5 / 5
Value for money: 5 / 5
Overall:  4.5 / 5

Download the iPad version of Fix-it-up: World Tour HD today for free. The full game unlock is available via in-app purchase of $6.99.

Download the iPhone version of Fix-it-up: World Tour for free. The full game unlock is available via in-app purchase of $4.99.


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