Cartoonatic+ App Review

21 Dec


For fans of FX Photo Studio, Cartoonatic+ is an enhancement to the photo app. You can now record videos in cartoon mode and apply various artistic effects to your videos and photos.

There are various artistic effects to choose from like Pencil Jeff, Lost Strawberry, Cute Harley, Robotron Jr, Robotron Snr, Honey Bee, Line Crusty Jerry Oliver, Spacy Laney. The photo effects are all starting with weird names. But once you decided on the desired photo effect, you can start filming your video.

You will notice that there are less buttons or functions to play with when the application is in camera mode. As this app is catered mostly for video mode, once you switch to video mode, you can see all the functions.





There is a very cool function that you can choose which kind of music to be embedded into the video. You can choose songs like Jingle Bells, Blissful Jazz, Fee-goo-tone, Extravaganza or Hustle to be embedded inside your video or even your favourite music from your iPhone or iPod.


In Cartoonatic+, you can switch to camera or video capture mode by tapping the 3rd last icon from the left. I find it hard to recognised which functions belongs to which button or icon at first. But when I played around with the functions, I realised I got used to the functions in no time.

To change the artistic photo effects, you need to swipe your finger across the app like in FX Photo Studio. This feature was not documented in the help instructions though I wish there is a help button somewhere for novice users of the app.

After you have processed your new modified video, you can submit it to youtube, Facebook, email, twitter or even save it to your camera roll.


I guess for the holiday seasons, Cartoonatic+ will be a great app to use to capture those funny moments this holiday seasons. You can load your previous taken photos or videos from the camera roll and do some post processing with Cartoonatic+.


I have processed a video I taken some time back and added effects from Cartoonatic+ so that you can see the difference. The music is from Cartoonatic+ as well.

You can download Cartoonatic+ from iTunes now for just 99 cents. It is a fun app to play with though I wish there is more help instructions about each individual functions the buttons on the app are used for.

Download Cartoonatic+ from iTunes now for 99 cents.

My Ratings for this Application:

Functionality: 4.5 /5
Ease of Use: 3.5 /5
Value for Money: Great!! It is 99 cents.

Type of users Catered for: Normal users
Overall: 4 /5


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