Nexon Mobile launches ‘Combat Arms: Zombies’ in the Apple App Store

6 Jan


Luxembourg, 6th January 2012 – Nexon Mobile Corporation officially launched the nation’s first 3D Unreal Engine 3 game Combat Arms: Zombies in the Apple App Store.


Combat Arms: Zombies provides massive game content with top-notch near PC visuals and takes on the PvE (Player vs. Environment) mode of Combat Arms Online, called ‘Fireteam Mode’.



This is the first time a Smartphone FPS has supported up to five controls, and truly rivals the online FPS experience, with rich content and diverse attack patterns, 3D, and a plethora of true to life weaponry.



Combat Arms: Zombies received critical acclaim and praise from major overseas media and visitors at its debut at G-Star 2011 in November.

To directly download Combat Arms: Zombies for £2.99 and to get more information on the game, please follow this iTunes link:

For iTunes USA, follow this iTunes link ($4.99):


For more information on Combat Arms: Zombies, visit the website


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