BulkyPix’s PyramidVille Adventure brings new features on iOS

12 Jan


Developed by Kobojo and copublished by Bulkypix and Kobojo, PyramidVille Adventure gives you the chance to live like Cleopatra or Ramses. Build your own Pharaonic city and use the Nile to trade with trade with ancient world cities.

Discover the Egyptian sensation that has already attracted over 6 million players on the Internet and that earned the prize for best game in the Browser / Online / Social Game category during the Paris Game Awards 2011. Kobojo and Bulkypix partnered up to offer an exclusive version developed for mobile gaming: PyramidVille Adventure.

Good to Know:

– Release date on January 26, 2012

– Universal iPhone / iPad version

– Free-to-play game

– Localisation: FR / EN / IT / GE / SP

– 6 million players on the Facebook version

PyramidVille Adventure is a city-builder that gives you the opportunity to embody Cleopatra or Ramses to build your own Pharaonic city. Thanks to the new exclusive content of the iOS version, discover the Nile and take advantages of its ressources to trade with the whole Antique world cities and play mini-games.

In this iOS version, Kobojo’s team added new exciting functionalities introducing the presence of the Nile.

Discover the benefits of the Nile

The Nile has a primordial role in PyramidVille Adventure. Unlike the Facebook version that was requiring players to exchange items with their friends to develop their city, PyramidVille iOS version asks them to rely on the Nile to get resources. Thanks to the ingame trading system, players will have to exchange their goods to get some rarer ones, in order to create beautiful Wonders (Pyramid, Sphynx).


As you go further down the Nile, you will have to upgrade your boat in order to face the dangers that threaten your cargo during trips. However, depending on the distance and the goods you carry, your ship will spend more or less time coming back from its travels.


Bring me to the Nile

Fortunately, you will be able to reduce the waiting time by half thanks to 3 mini-games perfectly adapted to iOS.

· Labarna’s Attack: In this mini-game, pirates try to plunder your ship. Use your finger to move them and throw them off the screen. As you travel further down the Nile, your enemies will become smarter and some will even attack from the air.


· Night Cargo: In this mini-game, you will have to move your ship from right to left in order to catch the cargo thrown by your Egyptian workers. Beware of anvils which may slow down your ship.


· Nile Racing: In this mini-game, you will have to reach the finish line first. Be careful as you may have to jump over a lot of obstacles during the race.

FYI: PyramidVille Adventure will be released later this January in a free iPhone / iPad universal version. All menus and dialogues are available in English.


One Response to “BulkyPix’s PyramidVille Adventure brings new features on iOS”

  1. Shannon Barker (@ShanBannany) March 18, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

    How do you win the race down the Nile with an excellent grade?

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