PyramidVille Adventure now available for FREE

29 Jan


December 13th, 2011, Paris, France – Archaeologists discovered a strange stone in the Egyptian desert. After a week of deciphering, we have the proof that the Egyptian civilization of PyramidVille lived on iOS.


Developed by Kobojo and published by Bulkypix, PyramidVille Adventure gives you the opportunity to embody Cleopatra or Ramses. Build your own Pharaonic city and commerce with the whole Antique world cities with the Nile.


Produce materials, cultivate your farms, create new habitations to attract more citizens and expand your city, then thrive your city by taking care of your people. Decorate your city with your travelling souvenirs and unlock wonders like the Great Sphinx or Lighthouse of Alexandria.


Incorporating technique that made the Facebook version a success, you will have to manage your Energy to realize different actions (cut some wood, feed your inhabitants…) and, complete a hundred of missions.

The interface of the game has been redesigned to fit iPhone and iPad screens. The tutorial is clear and simple: it will give the player the first details of the scenario and guide him step by step, teaching him the game mechanisms.


The big news of this iPhone episode is the commerce feature. Thanks to the proximity of the Nile, it is now possible to add articles and get rare materials that will allow you to create specials buildings like wonders. Last but not least innovation, mini-games have been added to the game and will allow reducing the waiting time of your actions.

The community part has not been left behind too, as players will be able to gift and receive gifts from friends.

PyramidVille Adventure is an exclusive instalment of the hit game PyramidVille on Facebook! Discover the Egyptian sensation that has already hooked over 6 million players on the Internet and earn the Paris Game Awards 2011 in the Browser / Online / Social Game category. Kobojo also win the Top 250 price of the French software publishers in 2011.

Discover this Egyptian gem by the beginning of 2012 in a universal version on iPhone/iPad in free-to-play for the entire family.


  • Embody Cleopatra or Ramses and dress your avatar at will
  • Unlock houses, production buildings and decorations for your city
  • Commerce with characters from the entire world
  • Build and upgrade your ships to discover more destinations
  • Rejoin marine’s adventure in funny mini games
  • Build Pharaonic wonders

Download the free Univeral game for iPhone and iPad on iTunes!

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