Great OnLine LETRIS 2 tournament this Saturday

3 Feb


The developer of Letris 2 has informed me that there is a 60 minutes onLine tournament coming this weekend.

It’s free to take part in the tournament. You just need update the version of Letris 2 and touch the “Tournament” button.

The purpose is  to engage as many people as possible to join to us and enjoy the first virtual Letris tournament on next saturday. The game has an average of more than 200,000 players per day so we hope to concentrate enough players in that single hour to have fun.
The winner who certainly will go on to the game history. Will be announced on Facebook and Twitter and receive $ 40 iTunes card.

How does it work?

1- Press the “Tournament” button in the game to see when the next tournament will be held.

2- At the time and date indicated be prepared to enjoy an intense 60 minute online tournament and press the “Tournament” button so that the system can randomly search for your first adversary. This is how your first qualifying level will begin!

3- If you manage to win your match you will move on to the next round, you will be given a password which you can tweet to demonstrate your achievement and you can carry on playing, but this time, facing only players who are on the same round as you.

4- If you loose a match: No problem! You stay on your round and you can keep playing matches within the same round as many times as you like until the 60 minutes of the tournament are up.

And the winner is…

When the 60 minutes are over, the competition will be finalised and the winner will be the first person to tweet the password from the highest round.

For each tournament we have prepared a small prize for the winner, although, as losers say: It’s not the winning that’s important; it’s the taking part that counts.

The developer will be publishing information about the prizes for each tournament on our Facebook page for those who are curious.

More information:
To download the game (iPhone & iPhone free download):


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